Fassa Guide Mountaineering School

Mountaineering School in Val di Fassa

Fassa Guide is the mountaineering landmark in Val di Fassa. Its team is made of UIAGM/IFMGA certified Mountain Guides, Mountaineering and Climbing Instructors, all extremely professional and experienced and with very respectable resumes.

Among its staff the school includes leading figures that made history in mountaineering in Fassa. Amomg them are Tone Valeruz, precursor of extreme ski and author of more than 70 first descents; Bruno Pederiva, Tone’s companion of adventure and great climber with his friends Heinz Mariacher, Luisa Iovane and Manolo; Renato Bernard, mountain guide and national mountain guides’ instructor, ski instructor and national trainer, enthusiast of all the mountaineering and ski disciplines, expeditions and travels.

Fassa Guide offers mountain sports enthusiasts three different typologies of experience

Throughout the year Fassa Guide organizes group excursions or excursions with private mountain guide; fantastic hikes that will make you discover the spectacular Dolomites and the most beautiful mountains in the world. The school also offers courses, activities and itineraries for adults, boys and families; everything is designed to provide unforgettable experiences with high mountain paths, climbing, trekking, ski mountaineering and off-piste skiing.

The enthusiasts can chose among three service options:

  • they can book a private mountain guide for a specific activity (ski mountaineering, freeride, trekking, rock or ice climbingo, via ferrata ...) letting the guide suggest the best excursion/itinerary for them,
  • they can book a private mountain guide for an individual excursion choosing one of the many offers of the catalogue (place, itinerary, duration, difficulty ...),
  • they can book a group excursion, sharing the mountain guide with other hikers, for a specific activity or offer from the catalogue.

Mountain Guides

"Mountain guide is a person who professionally conducts the following activities: leading people through ascents - both on rock and ice - or through excursions in mountainous environments; leading people through ski mountaineering ascents or through ski excursion; teaching mountaineering and ski mountaineering techniques excluding the ski techniques for skiing on ski and cross-country pistes."

Law n° 6 of January 2nd 1989

Book your mountain guide in Val di Fassa

If you have any questions or need greater detail about our offers, how to make reservations, the payments, the terms for cancelling or changing reservations and much more, send us an email or make a phone call and we will reply as soon as possible.

Phone number: +39 349 642 4284
Reservations & info: booking@fassaguide.com

Fassa Guide Mountaineering School