Etienne Bernard Mountain Guide
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Etienne Bernard

Born in Campitello di Fassa on 23 October 1993
Mountain Guide - Fassa Guide
Ski Instructor - Italian Ski School Campitello di Fassa

There is an old German saying that says: the apple never falls far from its tree. Apparently the thing fits perfectly in my case, in fact it seems that my career has been traced in advance: destiny has managed to transform my hereditary and instinctual factors into performance and targeted behaviors that led me to a self-realization, almost to the discovery of my sublime. I remember having taken the first steps both climbing and skiing from the earliest age (3, 4 years).

My parents have always practiced mountaineering in all spheres, both in moments of leisure and for work, taking me with them. Skiing and climbing were my favorite games, no one ever forced or obliged me. The years have passed and I have become more and more skilled and experienced, constantly under the watchful eye of my father, both from a technical and a safety point of view, since he has been a mountain guide for many years and has often taken me with him.

The real passion, in the sense of dedicating every spare moment of the day, I think it came when at the age of fifteen I decided to move to Tione to attend the mountain scientific high school, where I was lucky enough to meet some really good schoolmates and passionate of mountaineering. I realized that there were realities where, while cultivating a passion, you were not an outcast, but you integrated with the peer group, rather the excluded became those who were watching and who had no similar interests.

In addition assisted by national ski instructors and mountain guides I had the opportunity to improve myself further by reaching very high levels. With a qualitative leap of this type it was inevitable to access the courses to become a mountain guide and ski instructor.

At 19, a ski instructor, I work at the ski school in Campitello di Fassa and at 21 mountain guides I am part of the Alta Val di Fassa mountain guides group, I realize I have a little burnt the stages, it fills me with pride, nevertheless I know that you have never finished learning and with each release I try to increase my knowledge.

Etienne Bernard Mountain Guide
Etienne Bernard Mountain Guide
Etienne Bernard Mountain Guide


I worked as mountaineer and mountain guide especially in the Dolomites, in summer and winter, with rock, ice and ski mountaineering ascents in the main groups including Marmolada, Lavaredo and Civetta, with episodes in the Eastern Alps (Grossglocner and Wildspitze) , Central (Badile, Bernina and Ortles) and Western (Monte Bianco, Rosa and Cervino). Climbing in Sicily, Sardinia and Croatia. Ski touring in Norway. Travel outside Europe in Yosemite, Nevada, Utah and Colorado. Sport climbing up to 7c.