Bruno Pederiva Mountain Guide
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Bruno Pederiva

Born in Bolzano on 1959
Mountain Guide - Fassa Guide
Mountain Guide National Instructor
Ski Instructor - Italian Ski School Canazei

Bruno Pederiva was born in Bolzano in 1959 and at the age of 5, when he did not yet know that the vertical world would become his life, he was given the baptism of the mountain by his father Tullio on the Finestra Torre in the Catinaccio Group. At the age of 18 he moved permanently to the Val di Fassa, where he began his life as a solitary climber and author of numerous new routes and where he became a mountain guide, ski instructor and mountain bike guide.

With my father I climbed up to the age of 14 and spending summers at Rifugio Vajolet, managed by my family from 78 to 89, the Catinaccio becomes my climbing gym and my second home, it's be the place where between climbs and descents I was born and raised as a climber. And it is precisely at this age that I begin to take my first steps alone in the Roda de Vaèl group, on the Majarè, on the Finestra Torre and then take all the classics of the Catinaccio, Sella and Marmolada groups.

1980 is the year in which he becomes a guide and dedicates himself to solitaires, while in 1981 he begins to open new routes. Looking at a wall from below imagining a line, a path and its passages, fantasizing about the holds and the supports and the satisfaction in making it is what I love most, even today, of climbing.

The climbing companion is the extreme skier Tone Valeruz who initiates him into this discipline. Thus Bruno, relying on his technique and cold blood, for several years, engages in downwinds along the North walls of the Great Vernel, of the Roda de Vaèl, of the Catinaccio d'Antermoia, and again in early May 2014 up in top of the Vernel going down skiing. In the autumn of '81 he met the Austrian champion Heinz Mariacher, who indelibly marked his activity and mountaineering experience, becoming one of the precursors of free climbing. In those winters he alternates skiing with icy waterfalls , mostly virgin because this is in its infancy, opening a path on the Ortles that anticipates by far the Dry Tooling event.

The management of the Vajolet Refuge ends in 1989 and the activity of a full time Mountain Guide begins. Being a guide is a beautiful job, as well as difficult and of great responsibility, which allows me to pass on my passion for the mountains.

He also climbed in South America, Africa, Nepal and Canada where he also worked as a Mountain Guide for a season. Among the hobbies there are photography and film making, especially of the uncontaminated places that he keeps looking for.

The mountain is a beautiful thing and if you can climb it even more! I believe I did not have teachers, but companions with whom I shared that slow learning which is going through the mountains. The mountain is a continuous path, it takes time to learn it... and it never ends!