Complete Dolomite High Route no. 4 - Alta Via Grohmann

The Dolomite High Route no. 4 (Alta Via delle Dolomiti n. 4), or Grohmann’s, is a spectacular path stretching out from San Candido in Pusteria to Pieve di Cadore. Divided in five enchanting legs, it is dedicated to Paul Grohmann who was the first to climb the majestic dolomite peaks among which it develops: Mount Croda dei Baranci, Mount Tre Scarperi, Mount Cristallo, Mount Cima Grande di Lavaredo, Mount Antelao and Mount Sorapiss.

The Dolomite High Route no. 4 crosses eight dolomite ranges among the most renowned and admired of all the Alps going through solitary, wild and quiet environments. The itinerary crosses the marvelous lake Lago di Misurina as well; it is the largest lake in Cadore. This is a very charming path as far as the beauty of the places and their historical interest are concerned.

  • Dolomites
  • 5 days
  • Medium difficulty
  • Presence of nearby refreshment point
  • Maximum number of participants
  • Suitable for adults and boys

Program and itinerary about the Dolomite High Route no. 4

The Dolomite High Route no. 4 (Alta Via delle Dolomiti n. 4) develops through a path of roughly 85 kilometers divided in five marvelous legs that lead the hikers through the enchanting environment of some of the most evocative mountainous ranges in the alps. The itinerary of Alta Via delle Dolomiti n. 4 develops on good trails and mule tracks, always adequately equipped where necessary. Just in one stretch -from Rifugio Vandelli to bivouac Bivacco Comici- the progression calls for a certain alpine experience. Some possible variations to the standard path offer more technical options.

Day One: from San Candido-Innichen to Rifugio Tre Cime di Lavaredo Antonio Locatelli and to Rifugio Auronzo

The Rifugio Auronzo, destination of the first leg, stands in a marvelous position and it is connected to Misurina by an asphalt street. It was destroyed during World War One and it was rebuilt in 1925. Along the path of the leg the hikers will also pass Rifugio Tre Scarperi-Dreischuster Hütte.

From San Candido-Innichen we will reach Alte Säge (Old Sawmill, refreshment available). As we enter valley Val Campo di Dentro-Innerfeldtal (protected naturalistic area) we climb up through very nice meadows and woods until we get to the marvelous green oasis where we will find Rifugio Tre Scarperi-Dreischuster Hütte.

Passed valley Val Pra Brusà-Kohlalpltal, we will head to the screes of Mount Mattina-Morgenkopf and up through the wide valley of Rio di San Candido. After crossing a brook at an elevation of 2086 meters, we will pass a col and a steep ramp and we will head to Torre di Toblin and to Passo dell'Alpe Mattina-Gwengalpenjoch, wonderful and very wide scenic terrace on the Tre Cime di Lavaredo (Drei Zinnen).

Passed, then, col Forcella di Toblin-Toblinger we will reach Rifugio Tre Cime di Lavaredo Antonio Locatelli-Dreizinnenhütte, at an elevation of 2405 meters, from where we will get a grand view on the north walls of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo.

From Rifugio Locatelli we will cross the cleft under the north walls of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo and we will head south-west going down to Pian da Rin where we will find the spring of River Rienza, tributary of River Isarco. Going down, then, we will keep going along the edge of Grava Longa. Passed some little lakes and a shepherds' hut, we will climb to col Forcella Col di Mezzo.

A nice trail that climbs up the steep south side of Mount Croda del Rifugio leads, then, to Rifugio Auronzo. This stretch crosses an amazingly solitary environment with constant view on the north walls of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo. The first leg will come to an end as soon as we reach the rifugio.

  • Meeting with the mountain guide
  • Overall elevation gain: 1300 meters
  • Overall elevation loss: 200 meters
  • Length: roughly 15 km
  • Trek duration time: 7 hours
  • Overnight breakfast and dinner

Day Two: from Rifugio Auronzo to Rifugio Fratelli Fonda Savio and to Rifugio Città di Carpi

The Rifugio Città di Carpi, in the Cadini di Misurina, sits just above col Forcella Maraia in a wonderful and particularly evocative position. With its shoulders protected by sharp and white rocky walls it looks at green meadows. Through the path of the leg the hikers will also pass Rifugio Fratelli Fonda Savio.

From Rifugio Auronzo a nice trail leads to the ridge of Mount de le Cianpedele and to a col from where we will enter a very evocative war trail that was built from the Italian Army in 1915. Passing under the summit of Mount de le Ciampedele we will keep going on the edge of the ridge on some exposed passages. Going through a war tunnel and an equipped stretch with wires and ladders, we will get to a ledge that cuts the side of Mount Cima Ciadin di Rinbianco and we will keep climbing to evocative Forcella di Rinbianco.

Passed a wide valley and a rocky spur we will climb, assisted by wires, to Passo dei Tocci and to Rifugio Fratelli Fonda Savio. To get to Rifugio Città di Carpi and to Rifugio Col de Varda there are three spectacular possible ways:

  1. through trail “Sentiero Bonacossa”,
  2. through the equipped trail Sentiero Attrezzato Durissini,
  3. through the equipped trail Sentiero Attrezzato Durissini (II).
  • Overall elevation gain: 1000 meters
  • Overall elevation loss: 1200 meters
  • Length: roughly 8 km
  • Trek duration time: 6 hours
  • Overnight breakfast and dinner

Day Three: from Rifugio Città di Carpi to Rifugio Alfonso Vandelli

The Rifugio Alfonso Vandelli, destination of the third leg, sits in the spectacular cleft north of Mount Sorapiss, where there is the fantastic and famous turquoise Lake of Sorapiss.

From Rifugio Città di Carpi we climb over col Forcella Maraia and we get down on nice pastures and green meadows until we reach a little military road that connects Maraia to Col de Varda and Misurina. As we keep climbing under Col de Varda we will reach the cable car station and Rifugio Col de Varda with its marvelous view on Marmarole Range, on Mount Sorapiss, on Mount Cristallo and on many other spectacular peaks.

From here one could reach Misurina by cable car. If we, instead, keep walking we will climb up in the woods and we will sweetly go down to Misurina, at an elevation of 1752 meters, at the south side of the lake. As we skirt the lake towards Mount Sorapiss we will go down to Bivio Dogana Vecchia and we will keep going towards Cortina among ancient woods until just before Passo Tre Croci.

We will keep going towards the east slopes of Zìmes and Orte de Marcuoira and, passed a couple of couloirs, we will get to a woody flat area and we will cross a wonderful larch and fir wood. On equipped rock and with a long traverse, then, we will reach Rifugio "Alfonso Vandelli", at an elevation of 1928 meters.

  • Overall elevation gain: 900 meters
  • Overall elevation loss: 1000 meters
  • Length: roughly 15 km
  • Trek duration time: 7 hours
  • Overnight breakfast and dinner

Day Four: from Rifugio Alfonso Vandelli to Bivacco Emilio Comici, Rifugio San Marco and Rifugio Galassi

Bivouac Bivacco Emilio Comici sits at the head of Busa del Banco at the north-east side of the solitary range of Mount Sorapiss, just under the colorful walls of Mount Croda del Fogo. It waits for the hikers in a wild, tough and enchanted environment. The Rifugio Galassi, destination of this leg, was built in 1913; it used to be a military shelter for high elevation military exercises of Mountain Troops. The Army abandoned it after World War One. It was renovated in 1950. Through the path of this leg the hikers will also pass Rifugio San Marco.

Day Four features a rather demanding yet very fun stretch on rock and cliffs; it is assisted by equipped trail Alfonso Vandelli, on the north side of Mount Sorapiss. A nice trail climbs up behind Rifugio Vandelli towards the Tre Sorelle and some sloped rocks where equipped trail starts.

Passed a chimney, we keep going on an exposed and equipped stretch and we reach an exposed -yet equipped- ledge that cuts the west side of Mount Croda del Fogo. After reaching another ledge we will exit the proper equipped trail and we will follow an easy ledge that, cutting a great amphitheater, leads to the large north-west ridge of the mountain.

Going down through sweet slopes we will reach a nice little green valley before entering a dense mountain pine wood and reaching Busa del Banco. From there we will climb over a green couloir and we will go down to bivouac Bivacco "Emilio Comici", at an elevation of 2000 meters.

The trekking continues with the equipped trail Carlo Minazio on Mounts Colli Neri that, together with the more technical equipped trail Vandelli, allows the passage from Circo del Sorapiss to valley Val di San Vito. W will head to the edge of Busa del Banco and we will climb up the opposite side until col Forcella Bassa del Banco. From there two possible itineraries (a long yet easy one and a short but exposed one) lead to Mount Cime di Valbona from where we will take an old hunt trail and -through mountain pines, grass and gravel- we will reach a landslide.

After reaching the Cresta dei Nani we will enter valley Val di San Vito and, going up, we will get to the wide col Forcella Grande. After passing the green slopes with a spectacular views on magnificent Mount Torre dei Sabbioni and on Mount Cima Bel Pra, we will get down to the debris couloirs of the Giou Scuro. Going down through the woods we will shortly reach the charming Rifugio San Marco, at an elevation of 1823 meters.

Passing the woods the trail will cross a scarp and it will com down climbing over the graveled base of amount Cima Bel Pra and Mount Scotter. Going all the way to Forcella Piccola we will, then, reach Rifugio Pietro Galassi, at an elevation of 2018 meters, on the slopes of Mount Antelao.

  • Overall elevation gain: 1300 meters
  • Overall elevation loss: 1300 meters
  • Length: roughly 12 km
  • Trek duration time: 8,30 hours
  • Overnight breakfast and dinner

Day Five: from Rifugio Piero Galassi to Rifugio Antelao and to Pieve di Cadore

The Rifugio Antelao, last of those touched by the Dolomite High Route no. 4, sits on the beautiful green col Sella di Pradonego, at the foot of Mount Crode di San Pietro and it provides a priceless view on the mounts south from Comelico, on Mount Cridola, on mounts Spalti di Toro and Monfalconi, on Mount Duranno-Cima dei Preti and on the south ridge of Marmarole Centrali. Pieve di Cadore, final destination of this high route, sits on a wide col between Mount Col Contras and Mount Monte Ricco, at the confluence of valley Val Calda into river Piave. It provides its visitors with endless artistic, cultural, touristic and sport offers.

From Rifugio Piero Galassi we will climb up and cross a rampart and we will enter the moraine of the lower Glacier of Mount Antelao from where we will reach a huge rock slab deeply carved by the erosion and equipped with wires. From col Forcella del Ghiacciaio, by the front of the glacier, we will cross a couloir polished by the erosion of the glacier and we will enter the huge valley north-east from Mount Antelao.

We will go down to a flat area, to Val d’Oten and to col Forcella Piria. Under the Crode di San Pietro we will cross over the woods and we will get down to col Sella Pradonego and to Rifugio Antelao, at an elevation of 1796 meters. As we keep going on a little street we will reach col Forcella Antracisa, hut Capanna Tita Pancera and Pieve di Cadore, at an elevation of 880 meters, where the Dolomite High Route no. 4 comes to an end.

  • Overall elevation gain: 400 meters
  • Overall elevation loss: 1300 meters
  • Length: roughly 12 km
  • Trek duration time: 7 hours
  • Private transfer to the meeting point (San Candido-Innichen)

Prices for the Dolomite High Route no. 4 trekking tour

€ 2860 - 1 person

€ 3140 - 2 persons (€ 1570 per person)

€ 3600 - 3 persons (€ 1200 per person)

€ 4100 - 4 persons (€ 1025 per person)

€ 4800 - 5 persons (€ 960 per person)

€ 5500 - 6 persons (€ 916 per person)

Where to meet your mountain guide for the Dolomite High Route no. 4

  • Meeting point On the departure day of your tour, meet your guide at:
    Restaurant Gasthaus Zum Klaus
    Alte Säge - Via Sesto, 28
    39038 San Candido - BZ
  • Meeting time 8.30 am
  • Geographic coordinates 46°42'45.4"N 12°18'59.2"E
  • Transfer There are no transfers from the meeting point to the excursion site.

What to bring

  • Climbing helmet
  • Via ferrata kit
  • Trekking boots
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks
  • Technical apparel
  • Change of clothing
  • Backpack

What you need to know

  • Participants Anyone over the age of 16, with any level of training and fitness, can participate in this experience.
  • Under 18 Minors under the age of 18, if unaccompanied, require a waiver of liability from the parent or guardian of the child, that must be given to the guide before the excursion begins.
  • Equipment Remember to bring the minimum required equipment for the activity. If you do not own the equipment let us know, we will provide it for you, if available or for hire.
  • Reservation The reservation for this experience is individual, with a dedicated mountain guide. It may be reserved for a number of participants no greater than the maximum number allowed.
  • Excursion price The price shown is for the excursion with the dedicated mountain guide and possible transfer using the guide's private vehicle. It is valid for individual reservations for a number of participants that does not exceed the maximum number allowed.
  • The price of the tour includes The price shown includes the following services:
    . Briefing 
    . Technical equipment 
    . Accommodation as noted in itinerary 
    . Treatment as noted in itinerary 
    . Local English speaking certified mountain guide 
    . Transfers 
    . Local tourist tax
  • Rigid terms of cancellation The terms of cancellation and change for this experience are rigid. Please view the terms.

How to reserve your mountain guide

To book the spectacular complete Dolomite High Route no. 4, a 5 legs trekking tour with a mountain guide, you must send a request that provides and specifies your contact information, the number of participants and the date/period in which you wish to take the Alta Via delle Dolomiti n. 4 (Alta Via Grohmann).
We will respond immediately to confirm the availability of the mountain guide and the tour, the deadline, if any, to confirm the option for the reservation, methods of payment, characteristics and organization of the activity.
Once the reservation is confirmed, we will send you the receipt and the presentation voucher with the details of the service, the name of the mountain guide and all the contact information.