Complete Dolomite High Route no.1 - Alta Via n.1

The Dolomite High Route no. 1 (Alta Via delle Dolomiti n. 1) is a spectacular itinerary that -in twelve marvelous legs- goes from Lago di Braies in Val Pusteria -South Tyrol- to Belluno in Veneto. An incredibly scenic trekking tour that crosses amazing and unique places in the heart of the Dolomites exploring immaculate mountainous ranges. This majestic tour was inaugurated in 1969.

  • Dolomites
  • 12 days
  • Medium difficulty
  • Presence of nearby refreshment point
  • Maximum number of participants
  • Suitable for adults and boys

Program and itinerary about the Dolomite High Route no. 1

The Dolomite High Route no. 1 develops on a path of roughly 125 kilometers featuring a 7300 meter elevation gap. It develops on rather comfortable trails always optimally equipped on their most complex and exposed stretches.

Day One: from lake Lago di Braies to Rifugio Biella

The Rifugio Biella, in the Alpe di Fosses, destination of this leg, stands in a rather tough and evocative clearing.

The spectacular view at the start anticipates the beauty of the Dolomite High Route no.1 trekking tour: the range of Mount Croda Rossa d’Ampezzo arises at the bottom of the valley before the beautiful blue slab of lake Lago di Braies, one of the most admired spots in the Dolomites, surrounded by a dense fir wood and reflecting in its water the majestic Mount Torre del Signore.

After following the west shore of the enchanting lake Lago di Braies to its southern tip, we will climb up the valley before the first extremities of Mount Croda del Becco; we will, then, overcome a nice wood, an evocative clearing and a great rock step. After reaching Porta Sora ‘l Forn (or Forcella Sora Forno) (Ofenscharte) with its evocative votive chapel, the hikers will shortly get to Rifugio Biella (Seekofel Hutte) alla Croda del Becco, at an elevation of 2327 meters, at the foot of the huge and amazing rocky walls of Mount Croda del Becco. The summit, 2810 meters, can be easily reached with a half an hour walk through a trail marked in the rock. The view from there is priceless.

  • Meeting with the mountain guide
  • Overall elevation gain: 900 meters
  • Overall elevation loss: 60 meters
  • Length: roughly 6 km
  • Trek duration time: 4 hours
  • Overnight breakfast and dinner

Day Two: from Rifugio Biella to Rifugio Fanes

The destination of the second leg is Rifugio Fanes, a cozy and welcoming building located in a marvelous green clearing surrounded by woods and white rocky peaks, in the Fanes-Senes-Braies National Park. Before reaching it, the hikers will pass Rifugio Sennes, squeezed among the green pastures of the evocative Alpe di Sennes upland -before Mount Croda Rossa d’Ampezzo, Mount Cristallo and Mount Fanes- and Rifugio Pederü.

From Rifugio Biella two possible options will lead to Rifugio Sennes - Ücia de Sénes: through a comfortable direct track or along a trail that crosses a wide ridge and some grassy hollows. From Rifugio Sennes the hike goes on crossing green valleys through Pian della Lasta and within the narrow couloir between Col de Rü and Pici Parëis up to the flat expanse where Rifugio Pederü stands, at an elevation of 1548 meters.

From Rifugio Pederü, then, the path proceeds through valley Valùn de Fànes within a very evocative and immaculate environment, surrounded by amazing colored peaks. After passing the enchanting little lake Laghetto Le Piciodèl, the hikers will pass by creek Rü dal Plan - Torrente del Piano and they will reach Rifugio Fànes.

  • Overall elevation gain: 565 meters
  • Overall elevation loss: 683 meters
  • Length: roughly 14 km
  • Trek duration time: 5 hours
  • Overnight breakfast and dinner

Day Three: from Rifugio Fanes to Rifugio Lagazuoi

The Rifugio Lagazuoi, destination of this leg, is a very welcoming building connected to Passo Falzarego by a daring cable car. It stands in a marvelous location that gives a spectacular view, particularly at dawn and sunset.

From Rifugio Fanes we will reach an upland that leads to Passo di Limo (Ju de Limo) and to lake Lago di Limo. As we keep climbing on pastures and hollows we pass Ücia de Gran Fànes - Malga Fanes Grande and we reach Ju da l’Ega - Passo Tadéga and Gran Pian. The trail, then, climbs up to Forcella del Lago, between the majestic Cima Scotoni and the peculiar Torre del Lago in the Fanis Range.

Going down among rocks and steep screes, we reach the marvelous oasis of Alpe -or Monte- de Lagazuoi from where we can admire the picturesque lake Lago Lagazuoi whose waters reflect the daring architectures of Mount Cima Scotoni -with the superb rock gate of Mount Cima Fanis Sud- and of Mount Torre del Lago. As we keep climbing we will reach col Forcella Lagazuoi and Rifugio Lagazuoi, at an elevation of 2752 meters, right by the top station of the Passo Falzarego cable car.

  • Overall elevation gain: 1070 meters
  • Overall elevation loss: 375 meters
  • Length: roughly 11 km
  • Trek duration time: 5,30 hours
  • Overnight breakfast and dinner

Day Four: from Rifugio Lagazuoi to Rifugio Nuvolau

The Rifugio Nuvolau was built in 1883 on the belvedere of Cima Nuvolau and it was renovated in 1970. With the high cliffs that fall don from three sides, Rifugio Nuvolau is one of the most daring and scenic in the Dolomites. Dawn and sunset offer priceless views.

From Rifugio Lagazuoi we go back to Forcella Lagazuoi and we reach Forcella Travenanzes that looks at the evocative valley Val Travenanzes, surrounded by solemn peaks and colored walls. Climbing the north side of Mount Cima Falzarego and of Col dei Bos, we reach Forcella Col dei Bos, at the foot of the rocky formation of Mount Castelletto, famous for the heroic events of the Great War.

Heading north towards Mount Castelletto, we reach and climb Via Ferrata Lipella and we get by the amazing wall of Mount Tofana di Rozes before a spectacular view; on this stretch we will meet the evocative cave Grotta della Tofana. Passing Valon de Tofana the hiker will climb up to col Forcella Col de Bos. Through marshy ground the trail will, then, pass a rare wood and cross the little valley Valletta di Potor, north of Mount Averau.

Climbing on the sloped bump we will reach a very scenic flat space and the Rifugio Nuvolau, at an elevation of 2575 meters.

  • Overall elevation gain: 635 meters
  • Overall elevation loss: 810 meters
  • Length: roughly 15 km
  • Trek duration time: 6 hours
  • Overnight breakfast and dinner

Day Five: from Rifugio Nuvolau to Rifugio Città di Fiume

The Rifugio Città di Fiume, destination of the fifth leg, was born in 1964 from the renovation of Malga Durona. It stands on a marvelous green slope in a very evocative valley.

From Rifugio Nuvolau we will go down through a rock jump equipped with a ladder and some metal wires. Passing a wide valley, a ridge col, a couloir and some easy equipped rock jumps, we will climb on a steep grassy slope and on a trail that goes up among big rocks before popping out on a nice pasture.

After going down to Passo Giau, we will cross a wide meadow, reach col Forcella di Zonia and climb up through a wide valley, east from mount Col Piombin all the way to col Forcella Piombin; After entering the immaculate valley Val Cernera the hikers will reach col Forcella Giau with its spectacular gaze on Lastoni di Formìn -base of Mount Croda da Lago- and on the beautiful pastures that stretch all the way to col Forcella Ambrizzola.

As we keep climbing by the vertical walls of Mount Lastoni (or Lastoi) we will pass over the charming lake Lago delle Baste, right by the mesolithic site of Mondevàl and by Casera di Mondeval di Sopra. After reaching col Forcella Ambrizzola and col Forcella Col Duro we will go down, first among big rocks and then on pastures, towards Casera Prendera from where, passing under the four peaks of Mount Rocchetta, we will go down to San Vito di Cadore, to col Forcella de Col Roan and to col Forcella Roan.

Passing a green hump and a nice pasture we will reach col Forcella de la Puina (Col of Cottage Cheese) and Rifugio Città di Fiume, at an elevation of 1918 meters.

  • Overall elevation gain: 260 meters
  • Overall elevation loss: 915 meters
  • Length: roughly 11 km
  • Trek duration time: 5 hours
  • Overnight breakfast and dinner

Day Six: from Rifugio Città di Fiume to Rifugio Venezia and to Palafavera

The Rifugio Venezia "Albamaria De Luca", stands on a hump by col Sella di Rutorto (or Passo di Rutorto), at an elevation of 1931 meters, in an incredibly scenic location with a spectacular view on the close Dolomiti del Cadore and on the proud north-east pillar of Mount Pelmo. It was built in 1892 and renovated in 1954. Palafavera, at an elevation of 1507 meters, destination of the sixth leg, is a marvelous little village that stands in a spectacular position, surrounded by a ring of woods and white dolomite walls.

From Rifugio Città di Fiume a nice mule track leads to col Forcella Forada from where, through trail Sentiero "Gino Flaibani", we will cross the massif of Mount Monte Pelmo. Crossed a steep couloir we will pass some nice high elevation pastures and we will reach a grassy shoulder that comes down from Mount Cima Forada from where Circo di Val d’Arcia starts with its spectacular and majestic north walls of Mount Monte Pelmo.

After getting to col Forcella di Val d’Arcia, we will go down and we will cross two graveled couloirs before reaching an evocative col with a majestic rocky spike. After getting by ledge Cengia di Ball we will keep going up to Rifugio Venezia at an elevation of 1946 meters. From the rifugio we will climb up to col Sella di Rutorto and we will cross under the majestic walls of the south shoulder of Mount Monte Pelmo all the way to Lac (Lach) where we will reach Costauta and valley Val de Cuna.

From le Mandre we will skirt the south base of the impressive Mount Pelmetto, get by Col delle Crepe Cavaliere and keep climbing towards Passo Staulanza. Going down, then, through valley Val del Ru Bianco we will reach Palafavera, at an elevation of 1507 meters, final destination of our leg.

  • Overall elevation gain: 580 meters
  • Overall elevation loss: 990 meters
  • Length: roughly 12 km
  • Trek duration time: 6 hours
  • Overnight breakfast and dinner

Day Seven : from Palafavera to Rifugio Vazzoler

The Rifugio Sonino al Coldai was built in 1911 and renovated in 1999; it stands at the extreme north of the regal Mount Civetta Range, in valley Val de le Ziolere, by col Forcella Coldai. The Rifugio Tissi stands just below the summit of Mount Col Rean; it was built in 1963 and enlarged in 1986. It is a marvelous stopping point in this spectacular leg. The Rifugio Vazzoler, final destination of this leg, was built in 1929 and it was renovated in 1992. In its marvelous scenic location it welcomes the hikers giving them hospitality, refreshment and rest.

From Palafavera a narow military road leads to Casera di Pioda from where a mule track climbs up through the pastures all the way to Rifugio Adolfo Sonino al Coldai. The following stretch is one of the most spectacular of the Dolomite High Route no.1 (Alta Via delle Dolomiti n. 1) before the grand north rock face of Mount Civetta, the Wand der Wände (wall of walls), as they call it in German.

After shortly reaching col Forcella Coldai we will go down to the shore of the enchanting lake Lago Coldai whose waters reflect the majestic walls that surround it. Skirting the lake we will climb up to col Forcella di Col Negro that offers a priceless view: from Torre d’Alleghe to the summit of Mount Civetta. Going down to valley Val Civetta we keep going all the way to col Forcella del Col Rean to climb, then, to Rifugio "Attilio Tissi", at an elevation of 2250 meters, almost on the summit of Mount Col Rean from where one can enjoy a great view on lake Lago di Alleghe and on the spectacular Mount Civetta.

Heading down to the evocative Pian de la Lora on a nice trail and passing the remains of Cason di Col Rean, we get to col Sella di Pelsa with a marvelous view on Cantoni di Pelsa, huge pinnacles of twisted dolomite rock. The marvelous progression keeps going through Pian di Pelsa under the west side of Mount Torre Venezia and it leads, then, to the green pastures of Case Favretti from where -passing under the majestic south wall of Mount Torre Venezia- we climb up through a dense wood before reaching Rifugio "Mario Vazzolèr", at an elevation of 1714 meters, in its peaceful oasis.

  • Overall elevation gain: 850 meters
  • Overall elevation loss: 650 meters
  • Length: roughly 14 km
  • Trek duration time: 6,30 hours
  • Overnight breakfast and dinner

Day Eight: from Rifugio Vazzoler to Rifugio Carestiato

The Rifugio Carestiato, final destination of this leg, was built in 1948 and renovated in 1971; it stands on Col dei Pass in an incredibly spectacular position.

From Rifugio Vazzoler we will climb up through a nice wood until the riverbed of the brook in valley Val dei Cantoni and we will head to Pian de le Taie and to the enormous Mount Torre Trieste. Going down through valley Val Corpassa all the way to Capanna Trieste and to Listolade we will reach a pasture by Sass da la Dispensa.

The trail climbs up through mountain pines under the high cliffs of Mount Castello delle Nevere and we keep going under the Giaroi (or Ghiaioni) del Palanzin until the green col Forcella di Col Palanzin and to col Forcella Col de l’Orso. The path, then, passes col Forcella del Camp and runs under Mount Tridente and the amazing Torri del Camp with Mount Moiazza coming in sight.

After going down to Van dei Cantoi, we cross a wood, we pass the Stamere and, before Mount Pala delle Masenade, we climb up to Col dei Pass where we find Rifugio "Bruto Carestiato", at an elevation of 1834 meters.

  • Overall elevation gain: 550 meters
  • Overall elevation loss: 430 meters
  • Length: roughly 8 km
  • Trek duration time: 5 hours
  • Overnight breakfast and dinner

Day Nine: from Rifugio Carestiato to Rifugio Sommariva al Pramperet

The Rifugio Sommariva al Pramperet, destination of the ninth leg, was built in 1923 and renovated in 1995. It is a very welcoming building and it is run with warm cordiality; it stands in a very pleasant location. Along the path we will also pass Rifugio Passo Duran Cesare Tomè and Rifugio San Sebastiano al Passo Duran.

From Rifugio Carestiato we will cross some pastures and we will go down heading to Passo Duran from where we will reach Ponte sul Ru de Caleda, before the amazing bulk of Mount Sass de Caleda. After going up to col Forcella Dagarei and to Malga (or Casera) del Moschesin we will reach col Forcella del Moschesin that overlooks the tough valley Val Pramper.

Shortly, then, we will reach the wide meadows of Pra de la Vedova and the peaceful Rifugio Sommariva al Pramperet, at an elevation of 1857 meters.

  • Overall elevation gain: 450 meters
  • Overall elevation loss: 430 meters
  • Length: roughly 13 km
  • Trek duration time: 5,30 hours
  • Overnight breakfast and dinner

Day Ten: from Rifugio Sommariva to Pramperet al Rifugio Pian de Fontana

The Rifugio Pian de Fontana, built in 1993 where an old pastoral shelter used to stand, welcomes -together with the enclosed bivouac- the hikers it its peaceful and evocative atmosphere with the typical marvelous views of the Western Alps.

From Rifugio Sommariva al Pramperet, after crossing Pra de la Vedova, we will climb up cutting the slopes of the east peak of the Balanzole Range on the Pramperet side. Going up a nice pasture slopes we will reach Portela del Piazedel, south of the east peak of the Balanzole Range. Through valley Val Clusa and through the Piazediai we will climb up to Vant dei Piazediai.

Heading to the crag of Mount Barancion, we will climb up to a col from where, majestic and tough, valley Valon dei Erbandoi comes in sight. The climb keeps going beautiful until col Forcella dei Van de Città from where a spectacular view opens up.

From the col, through a pasture, we will go down to the bottom of the valley, under col Forcella dei Erbandoi and under a nice meadow by the Preson (Prison). Shortly, then, we will reach Rifugio Pian de Fontana with the enclosed bivouac Bivacco "Renzo Dal Mas", at an elevation of 1632 meters.

  • Overall elevation gain: 540 meters
  • Overall elevation loss: 760 meters
  • Length: roughly 6 km
  • Trek duration time: 4 hours
  • Overnight breakfast and dinner

Day Eleven: from Rifugio Pian de Fontana to Bivacco del Marmol

The bivouac Bivacco del Marmol was built in 1968. Even though very simple and austere, it offers shelter and warmth to the hikers at the end of this leg. It rises by the east ridge of Mount Schiara from where a grand view opens up. From the bivouac there is the tempting chance to climb up to the summit of Mount Schiara, 2565 meters, in the early morning when it gives one of the most thrilling views of the Dolomites. During the path of this leg the hikers will also pass Rifugio Bianchet.

From Rifugio Pian de Fontana the hikers will cross the pastures and they will climb up to col Forcella La Varetta with its marvelous flowering hollow dominated by the red cliffs of Mount Talvena and by the majestic Mount Schiara. Cutting the top of valley Val Vescovà and pasing under the summit of Mount Cima della Scala, we will reach Rifugio Bianchet.

Passing the Casonet de Nerville we will climb up the valley heading to col Forcella di Nerville until a big rock with an old shepherds’ shelter. Through karstic terraces we will enter a cleft that will bring us to col Forcella del Marmol in its immaculate and tough environment. Following an equipped ledge and some chimneys we will keep going until an equipped stretch that leads to bivouac Bivacco Fisso del Marmol "Sandro Bocco".

  • Overall elevation gain: 830 meters
  • Overall elevation loss: 195 meters
  • Length: roughly 6 km
  • Trek duration time: 4,30 hours
  • Overnight breakfast and dinner

Day Twelve: from Bivacco del Marmol to Belluno

From the bivouac we will climb a grassy ledge and then an equipped couloir until some exposed chimneys assisted with ladders. Within a grand environment dominated by the walls of Mount Schiara, we will pass a green slope and we will cross an exposed stretch equipped with metal ladders. After reaching a cleft, a narrow ledge will lead us to Via Ferrata Zacchi, along the south side of Mount Schiara, that leads to a marvelously scenic cleft.

From the meadows by the majestic and characteristic Porton we will shortly reach Rifugio 7° Alpini, at an elevation of 1502 meters, with the enclosed Capanna Bivacco "Severino Lussato". From Rifugio 7° Alpini we will go down through Mount Calvario, or Col de le Silimandre, until we enter the solitary and enchanting valley Val d'Ardo, with its evocative brook and the emerald colored waterfalls.

From the hollow Conca del Mariano, throuh a mule track that crosses the Ardo, we keep climbing to Case Bortot before reaching the village of Bolzano Bellunese. From there, then, the hikers will get to the meeting point (Lago di Braies) by private service.

  • Overall elevation gain: 100 meters
  • Overall elevation loss: 1800 meters
  • Length: roughly 9 km
  • Trek duration time: 5,30 hours
  • Private transfer to the meeting point (Lago di Braies)

Price for the Dolomite High Route no. 1 trekking tour

€ 6640 - 1 person

€ 7460 -  2 persons (€ 3730 per person)

€ 8860 - 3 persons (€ 2953 per person)

€ 10420 - 4 persons (€ 2605 per person)

€ 11980 - 5 persons (€ 2396 per person)

€ 13540 - 6 persons (€ 2256 per person)

Where to meet your mountain guide for the Dolomite High Route no. 1

  • Meeting point On the day of your excursion, meet your guide at:
    Hotel Lago Di Braies
    Via San Vito 27
    39030 Braies - BZ
  • Meeting time 9.00 am
  • Geographic coordinates 46°41'57.5"N 12°05'06.1"E
  • Transfer There are no transfers from the meeting point to the excursion site.

What to bring

  • Telescopic poles
  • Climbing helmet
  • Via ferrata kit
  • Trekking boots
  • Water bottle
  • Technical apparel
  • Change of clothing
  • Backpack

What you need to know

  • Participants Anyone over the age of 16, with any level of training and fitness, can participate in this experience.
  • Under 18 Minors under the age of 18, if unaccompanied, require a waiver of liability from the parent or guardian of the child, that must be given to the guide before the excursion begins.
  • Equipment Remember to bring the minimum required equipment for the activity. If you do not own the equipment let us know, we will provide it for you, if available or for hire.
  • Reservation The reservation for this experience is individual, with a dedicated mountain guide. It may be reserved for a number of participants no greater than the maximum number allowed.
  • Excursion price The price shown is for the excursion with the dedicated mountain guide and possible transfer using the guide's private vehicle. It is valid for individual reservations for a number of participants that does not exceed the maximum number allowed.
  • The price of the tour includes The price shown includes the following services:
    . Briefing 
    . Technical equipment 
    . Accommodation as noted in itinerary 
    . Treatment as noted in itinerary 
    . Local English speaking certified mountain guide 
    . Transfers 
    . Local tourist tax
  • Safety The mountain guide may cancel or suspend the excursion or change the itinerary if minimum safety conditions are not guaranteed. Please view the terms.
  • Rigid terms of cancellation The terms of cancellation and change for this experience are rigid. Please view the terms.

How to reserve your mountain guide

To book the spectacular complete Dolomite High Route no. 1, a 12 legs trekking tour with a mountain guide, you must send a request that provides and specifies your contact information, the number of participants and the date/period in which you wish to take the excursion.
We will respond immediately to confirm the availability of the mountain guide and the tour, the deadline, if any, to confirm the option for the reservation, methods of payment, characteristics and organization of the activity.
Once the reservation is confirmed, we will send you the receipt and the presentation voucher with the details of the service, the name of the mountain guide and all the contact information.